Wednesday, July 1, 2009

World of Warcraft? Go fuck yourself.

I'm not claiming to not be a bit nerdy. Everyone has their nerdy things. I, for instance, love X-Men. Jason's also a total geek, but in a good way. Our passion for Come Dine With Me and Dragon's Den is totally normal and does not hamper our development as socially well-rounded individuals. I also don't mind people who are nerdy about Lord of the Rings or that kind of thing. Star Trek borders on bad, but is forgivable.
What is not, is World of Warcraft. If you aren't familiar with this cancer on humanity, it's a video game. You decide to be a warlock, or a mage, or a pixie-fart or whatever piece of fantasy takes your fancy and live in a world that is basically bullshit. It's an escape for people who can't just live in the real world.
I have no problem with video games. I actually quite like them myself. As Jason can testify, I'm really, really good at Resident Evil 5. My problem with World of Warcraft is that it's like Second Life in that people are just forgetting that they have real lives and living in this magical alternate land with level seventeen amulets and a level 52 goblin sceptre. It's total bullshit.
All I can really say to these mages, elves, witches and voodoo dolls is that there is a big world out there. There's no point living in your PC just because you get to have magical powers. Use the magical powers of your stellar personality and sense of humour to attract friends. You don't need potions. They'll love you for your natural sparkle.
Seriously, get a fucking life you geeks. It costs a load of money. Money that you could spend on cool pursuits like hookers and tequila. Anyway, do you really want to end up like this guy?

Also, if you're going to play, at least have the balls to make your own guild ROBERT instead of just playing bitch to some utter dork from Ohio or whatever. You're disgracing yourself daily.



  1. My flatmate is fucking OBSESSIVE, he spent a month acquiring "gold" just so he could buy a fucking motorbike to drive around in WoW.

    Another reason to hate WoW players is the fact this probably isnt photoshopped :

  2. Oh, ew. That's not nice. I think we can all agree that World of Warcraft = death.